Corpus Christi

On Thursday, June 20st 2019
our store in Wettingen is due to Corpus Christi closed for the whole day.

On Wednesday, June 19th the store is opened until 6:30 pm
From Friday, June 21st 2019: normal opening hours

«Beans to Bar» at Fabian Rimann

Bean to bar is chocolate that is produced literally from bean to bar in the same facility. Fabiann Rimann takes this to yet another level. Under his own label «Authentic Hand Made Chocolate» he utilizes only sustainably grown beans making the highest quality bean to bar chocolate.
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Welcome to Falbian Rimann Chocolatier

Immerse yourself in a world of delicately melting dreams and let yourself be seduced by sofisticated creations. “Give in to your temptations. You might not have another chance.” Oscar Wilde

Chocolate offers endless possibilities

With the highest level of craftmanship, we create little pieces of delight. They stand out through their purity and clear aroma combinations, smell delectible and leave behind an unforgettable impression. “Chocolate offers unending possibilities. It’s a world of it’s own; complex, tempermental, delicate and sensitive, all at the same time. Passion, fantasy and love forcombined with the best ingredients the craft, from sustainable sources, make for exquisite delights for purest enjoyment. Unadultarated in taste and unmistakable in character. I have yet to find the limits of this universe”. Fabian Rimann